Sweet Morning Peace

Oh I do wish the world might offer solace

When it is we are all wandering an alone,

A wonder is to recognize any one pace

Could, would offer a shoulder to unknown


Soul who cries in the midst of happiness,

For it is the season to seek absolute joy,

Because we were told, and now deploy

Our finest avenues of energy to impress.


Yet how might the onlooker really feel

If in the end their yearning find sorrow,

If only in a moment their truth borrow

The Grace in everyone’s eyes they appeal.


For when the world begins to understand

Is the time that hardship wears no land.

On Buying, Sharing, Wondering Love

Oh it is the season now,

and our lives,

torn up, shredded, a certain fodder in the air,

for Man might feel abused,

when in reality,

he ought felt this way,

decades ago,

a century perhaps,

so those followers

could stand a chance.


There’s no condemnation

could be strong enough to withstand

the scrutiny of the individual mind.

Oh to recognize the theoretical expanse

of the human condition

taken for chance.


If when a cry could send the body reeling,

a ledge perhaps, a modern day semi,

a conductor noticing in a sudden glance,

that life as easily as born,

would become just

an imaginative notion we enhance.

Oh then might the world better understand,

the turmoil in losing our concept on love,

is far greater than the answers we seek,

without the cherished ideal of support of understanding

of forgiveness when fear is our only safeguard.


For it is the toys of our world,

we focus upon today,

the frivolous in nature,

the common good toward overcoming the would

of this season

when buying her love is far greater

than actually knowing her sweet elegance.


There is lost in the masses of the local bistro,

the purpose in mind,

cell phones inclined,

to keep searching, keep your eyes open,

keep your conscience …


we are all in lock-step,

trying to own the sensitive lift,

a spiritual sojourn,

the perfect gift.

We Are Here, Again

When I was a child, I remember well,
the gathering of family, all indeed similar.
In the early morning anticipation, a spell
of wonder, love, then all arrived from afar.

Conversations were readily heard inside
the walls of a gathering of similar soul.
The children played a sweet naive pride,
allowed adults to know love, and be whole.

Tragedies occurred, stories of love replayed,
throughout our lives a similar world in now;
we are the eyes of elder, those who stayed.
The evolution of time, we are here, somehow.

Looking for You

When I was a child

My mom would tell me about you

Then I would wonder

She would say you were with me

When I would ask her’

Her words would cause me to imagine

That you might be with me

Even now as I think of her


This time of year

I do become rather blue

Trying to find happiness

For all the pain and suffering

The solace drifting away

Leaving me to find focus

In a world I can seldom understand

Only exist with what is now at hand


I am seeking you tonight

In the quiet of my home

Wanting to be less confined

By my own selfish needs

I can feel my world is welling up

As I touch upon the fears inside

Those that slowly come to life

As the reckoning again takes hold


We call this our Christmas time

Where we will celebrate our lives

With frolic and delight and love

Howsoever often that moment

Seems evasive until a light will shine

A guiding notion, a memory, a time

When all of our hearts can unwind

Together in a celebration of You


Please put aside all of those lost moments

Allow your love to overcome needy laments

We are enthralled by the glory of human spirit

All at once only to realize Love will reveal it

Again and again every time we might ask

Always allowing our burdens to be less task

When in the morning we awaken to new sunlight

Realize soft energy is our gift found in the night.